explaining ‘Brave to Be’

But I know you for what you are.
You are a coward.

You’re a born leader and you’re afraid
to take any real responsibility.
You’re pissing your life away!- TIGERLAND

If you’re not going to be what people expect you to be then you’d best make sure you’re something better – ME

Is it because I’m scared?

that it won’t it be as Good

as I thought it would?

That I won’t be as Good

As I thought I could?

If it’s not that Good

Then I’m not that Good

And if I’m not that Good

Then I’m no Good at all.

Is it this that stops me?

Stopped me so hard

that I could not see?

Scared me so bad

That I could not be?

And if I wasn’t me

Then no-one could be

And if no-one was me

Then I was no-one at all.

All the half-hearted dates

Where my heart wasn’t in it

All the girls left confused and

thinking I was gay

All the half-written stories

Where I was too lazy to bring it

Half finished thoughts

Like I had nothing to say

Born to be a lion

But this lion never roared

Every moment dying

Terminally bored

There are no perfect moments

Just moments to perfect

So for the love of God…

…get up…get up…get UP…GET UP!


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